Friday, June 10, 2011

Just My Luck...

Did you know there was an Oklahoma D-Day? I would have been oblivious if not for my camo-wearin', paintball shootin', military re-enactin', gun lovin' children.
This is my oldest son's first year to participate. He asked me if I wanted to go.
To which, I, of course, replied, "" I'm pretty sure I included an eye-roll and a sarcastic, "whatever" smirk. He told me there were spectators and I could even don a safety-orange vest and be a photographer. On a paintball field? Am I the only one that thinks, walking target? I'm quite sure my own beloved would be camped out waiting to snipe me. I heard they even built a replica flame thrower, which sprays paint. Colt would probably borrow that. He loves me that much.

Now, consider my disappointment today when I learned that he is on a tour of the Coleman Theatre. I also didn't know about the Coleman Theatre before this trip. (My knowledge of my home state is expanding!) Colt knew this thing was right up my alley. He was sending me pics & giving me the tour guide's spill.

This is Colt's paraphrased version:
The theater was built by George Coleman, a miner baron. He brought in about a mil per week to a mil per month. (Hello, Georgie!) Coleman entertained all the celebrities of the day on his own private floor...the likes of Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, and Tom Mix. The school girls would skip school to come wait for Bing to come out. Der Bingle was on Coleman's board-of-directors. They had attendants to catch the fainting girls. (Are we made of coarser stuff? Not many fainters around anymore.) Coleman's secret room hasn't been restored. The family hasn't released any pictures of it. So, they don't have any sources to restore from. The tour included a sample of The Phantom of the Opera on their "Mighty Wurlitzer" pipe organ, one of only 15 in the country. I asked him if it was creepy. He said it was because it's supposedly haunted. I said, "The organ's haunted?" Nah, it's the theater. They also boast the largest movie screen in the country besides the IMAX.

Anyway, this place is phenomenal and I missed it! If I wasn't such a snob about the whole paintball, war thingy, I could've scored BIG on my scale of entertainment. I'm a total historical-attraction junkie! What a bummer. If there's another trip for anything, I'M GOING!

These picture are from here. You can also get the factual story of the Coleman Theatre Beautiful at Miami, Oklahoma.

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